Friday, March 12, 2010

Jalan-jalan & Makan-makan

Sometimes it is good for you to go for a distance away from the 'city of study' Irbid.

That was what we have done during the last weekend. Lately we hardly find a very good time to spend our time together, since everybody was so busy coping with study as the finals is just around the corner!

But anyhow, we did it last week.
From the first decision which we planned to drive ourselves there to the alternative plan which we did through - riding bus to Amman.

Here are some pics...

At 'The Miles' which Hetty loves the most.

Hetty and Aqilah love this section. Variety of cheese there... Just take any, and think about the calorie it'll supply! Now the woman in the picture was looking for the low fat cheese I think... LOL.

This 'moo-moo' was producing milk. Fresh from the farm.

I was looking for the best one with the cheapest price. You have to be economic by the way!

Lots of junk food by the way produced a very good medical student! Haha. You can see types of Maggi, the Super Ring, Mister Potato and also we bought squids, mussels, and shrimps there. Mr Potato there only costs JD0.99, compared to here, JD1.30.

I was thinking of prophylaxis anti-histamine, since the histamine activity in my body will be increase until those seafood disappear from the fridge...:)

(Anti-histamine : Drug for allergy)

Those pics were captured just before one of the staff came and said, "Lau samaht, mamnu3 sowwar.." (Excuse me, it is prohibited to take photos here)

By the way, since she said 'mamnu3', the more I feel agitated to publish all the pics. Haha.

At 'Chinese Flavour, Mecca Mall'

Spring rolls - Like a popia.

Aqilah's dish... Seafood

Fried Rice

Now what?

Happy Study!!


  1. menarik..ape kes tak bawak tuk aku ni makanan cina..haha..sila mengenang member2 yang ketinggalan di irbid..hehe

  2. Haha. Nanti ye kita berkelah tengah padang. Apa kes tengah padang. Takut ada ulat bulu. LOL.

  3. ah..what a orangrumah-having-good-time-together moment kan? huhu. anyway, big thanks to both of you. i highly appreciate that (cewah pera-sa-an) Can't wait for the next pit-stop! :))

    p.s: seriously, why can't we take pictures in there? I thought it only happens in '3askari. huhu, never mind it's their rights to do that

  4. aku nak layan blues ngan nana kat kota salahudin..dah lama rancang, ntah bila kan tiba masanya..sian nana..lepas exam la nampaknya ngeh2

  5. Tak kena marah ke amik gambo kat situ? Syi, K.Umie n K.Boon dah selalu kene... Ohoho

  6. nye shopping!!!!!!!!

  7. Semplitt,
    My pleasure.:) Diorang tak kasi amik gambar mungkin atas sebab.. 1. Ketenteraan (mcm cth kat Embasy US) 2. Kedekut (haha.Takut orang tiru design dia y bajet cantik) 3. Keselamatan barang (Mungkin ada barang yang allergic dengn kamera.Ada ke?)
    Kesimpulannya saya pun tak tahu kenapa mereka melarang mengambil gambar... Huhu.

    Dah kena marah la tu. Tu sebab ada gambar yang dah kena delete seperti gambar kak kilah.. hehe. Justeru tidak dapat meletakkan gambarnya di sini. :p

    Kalau banyak hengget shopping itu memang best!

  8. megi perise pe kak faezah??
    haha arituh saye borong 10 paket megi kari kat miles...=p

  9. megi tomyam tp x tahu rasa apa lepas di masak huhu. 3la kulli hal, alhamdulillah kenyangkan perut juga :P

  10. Aah asma,
    Kitorang borong Megi tomyam ngan kari ayam. Kak kilah borong sampai 3 cawan magi cup. haha.
    Tapi magi tomyam dia rasa ape tah tatau. Nasib baik bagi kari die sedap gak.

  11. oo tak..arituh saye beli maggi yg malaysia punye tuh..MAGGI...huhu..terjumpe perisa kari..mane ade kat irbid..

  12. Oo kalau maggi malaysi memang tidak diragui kelazatannya. Ini megi dari mana tah. UAE ke.. hehe..

  13. takde ke mase akk g tuh???hehehe