Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can you repeat?

I was sitting in the seminar room uncomfortably. A 'stream' of mucus kept running down along my 'sense of smell' organ. I grabbed my bag beside me, looking for a piece of tissue. Oh God. It was finished... The doctor suddenly enter the room.

I finished reading the lecture for today but not fully memorized. Therefore I always hope the doctor will not ask me.

Suddenly, "Nuuurrr!"

"Oh no.. There are 3 Nurs here. Pick up other nurs, doctor. Not me." I prayed

"Any one of you."

"Hang la" I slapped Tiqah's arm.

"Hang jawab la. Doctor dok pandang hang." Tiqah said.

"What do you understand by conduction of anesthesia?"

I glanced at The Nurs beside me. They were looking at me. I looked at the doctor and he looked at me too.

"Erm... It is the way how we introduce the anesthetic agents to the patient which consists of 3 stages, Induction, Maintaining and Recovery."

"Okie dokie" The doctor smiled.

Good, I am able to complete the sentence, even not sure whether thats the perfect answer or not. Haaa.. (Next Q to next people, please..)

I couldn't put a hundred percent concentration. My eyes and nose were watering heavily. Does anyone got water shortage? :p

Suddenly... Aaaahh-choo!

"Who is sneezing?"

For a heart-stopping moment, I am thinking, does sneezing in a seminar is rude?

I felt like the nerves were stopped firing the neurotransmitter inside, made me startled by his question.

"Who is sneezing?" Again he asked.

The boys in the front glimpsed at me and said, "Nur.." They said.

I put up my hand. "Ana, doctor."

"Can you repeat?" Again he asked.

"What?" I tried to recall the last words he mention about 'the indication for inhalation anesthesia' as i think he meant that.

"Sneezing. Can you repeat?"

Giggling. "Laa..(of course not. It is involuntary action. dr..)"

A sudden rush of endorphine run through everybody's - made all of us laughed together.

"Is this the loudest sound that you can produce during sneezing?"

(What? Is it too loud? No...In fact this is the most polite one, dr. Haha)

"I think so." I smiled again and wiped my watery eyes too.

Bless you. Then he smiled.

Bless you too doctor. :)

::Say Alhamdulillah when you sneezed. Say Yarhamkumullah when heard people sneezed.::


  1. can u repeat??haha

  2. At that time, i was like, 'should I repeat it?'. nasib baik tak buat. or else, malu sendiri nanti. :p

  3. salam..

    alahai, ciannya..x sihat ka cik nur? hihi..comey la pnggil nur..pstu d most comel part is..'can u repeat?'..ingatkan ulang sentence doc tu..rupa2nya ulang slm naa kt doc tu..=D

    syafakillah ya ukhti..

  4. wslm. aah la nor. 3 hari lps. sekarang better. nak kirim salam ke? uiii takut den.