Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reviving the Islamic Spirit

Have you ever heard about 'Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention'?

Never? Not yet?

Actually, it is an Islamic Convention which annually held in Toroto, Canada during the winter. Since 2003, they already had organized 8 conferences, while the latest one was held on Disember 2009.

What makes it become very interesting event? You'll be interested. And me indeed!

Over 15,000 Muslims in Canada (non-muslim country) gathered in that event!

They discussed issues regarding Islamic knowledge, aqidah, Sirah of the Prophets, and also world-wide problems that related to Muslim in attempt to revive the Muslim's awareness and inside.

Famous Muslim scholars also were invited to share their wisdom by delivering their lectures throughout the program. Among them were Dr. Zakir Naik, Ustaz Amr Khaled, Tareq Sweidan. Dr Zakir Naik was really amazing! I think he memorized not only chapters in Quran, and the old plus brand-new versions of Bible, but also Jewish's testament. Masyaallah...

Every year they also invited singers and nasheed groups yet they show to the world that Islamic scholars have their own way of entertainment. Owww, they were Maher Zain, Outlandish, Sami Yusuf and even Raihan was invited formerly. I just love listening to Maher Zain's song 'Barakallahuma' - a catcy song, not only catching ur ears but ur hearts ^__^

By clicking here, you can view >> trailer (video-promo) of 8th RIS Convention..

::I wish someday I could be there too ; love to join other Muslims and being united with them in such an event. Inshallah..::


  1. apenih kak faeza baru tau...=p

    my feveret prof tareq ramadhan..cucu hasan albanna..

    "is to love Him and to be loved by Him and to get this inner peace,this is islammmm"

    i hate wut r u doing not what u are,bcoz wut u r tomorrow maybe better than wut i am today!

  2. Sape kata baru tau haaa??
    Baru ni nak masuk dalam blog. hehe.
    Haa akk dengr dah time dia cakap 'i hate wut r u doing not what u are,bcoz wut u r tomorrow maybe better than wut i am today!' Ic.. ni baru akk tau die cucu IHAB. Thanx ye for the info..:)

  3. yup...hehe dah teradmire die smpai search byk psl die dulu....die penah jek bg talk kat msia taun lepas..boleh la google pasal die..die nih sgt most wanted person..byk kali di ban dari US...dari dlu xpenah2 dpt visa masok US.
    mak dia rasenye anak IHAB..pastuh bpk die kena buang dari mesir aktif dakwah2 masetuh..bpk die lari g switzerland..bukak medan dakwah baru plak kat sane..kire tareq ramadhan nih dibesarkan kat europe la..itula sket sbyk sjarah die..hehe