Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday,
A wish for my bestfriend forever,
Cik Siti Odah...

Believing hear, what you deserve to hear,
Your birthday as my own to me is dear...
But yours gives most,
for mine did only lend
me to the world,
yours gave to me a friend.


"The best way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once"

::Tahun lepas ada entri khas untuk Cik Odah. Tapi tahun ni tak sempat nak buat entri sebab oncall EOD (every other day). (Ayat exaggerate~~bajet busy~~) :(::


  1. Salam fez!!!!!!

    sangat terharu..ala, xyah ssh2 wat entry pepanjang..ada post khas utk kte ni pn dh wat kte terharu tau..chewah! trm kasih ek..kte sgt bahagia ari ni..=))

    luv u always! =)

  2. uhuhu...bestnya ade entry khas utk kak odah...
    happy beday again ya... =)

  3. Cik Odah,
    Hehe terharu ke...
    Semoga Odah berbahagia selalu...:)