Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Acid or alkali?

Dr Mudzafar asked the class today.
"If you wish to commit suicide, which one do you prefer? Drinking acid or alkali?"
I was startled by the question.
1st, I dont know what to choose. Drinking Spartan or Clorox? Which one is better in taste? Rapid to die? (What is this.?!Astaghfirullah..)
2nd, then I realized, commit suicide is HARAM!
The doctor said again. "Ok, let me give you the question in another way."
"If somebody who wants to commit suicide need your suggestion, between acid and alkali, which one would you suggest?"
Myself said, "Sama je soalan ni"
Then I whispered, "Alkali.."
I heard people at the back answered, "Acid," and some answered the same like me.
"Why acid?" doctor asked.
Omar said, "Less harm".
It's true that acid causes less harm than alkali. The effect is only superficial because it may cause tissue coagulum. So that the injuries won't go deeper. We still can save the patient.
But for me, since that they really want to harm themselves and attempt suicide, go and drink alkali is better. You will say 'good bye' to the world in minutes. Alkali caused deep injury and perforation.
For acid, you may suffer a bit longer and they need a very costly treatment. For acid and alkali damaged, you need more 200,000 USD for long-life treatment. Why?
"For recurrent cosmetic surgery."
This question is just to wake us up.

All in all, "Any attempt to suicide is haram and we should prevent them from doing so."
I learn a very useful note today : Do not mix-up the detergens. It is dangerous esp if you didn't know the exact substance in it. It may caused reaction that produced very3x irritant mixture. (10 folds more than it's origin! : ayat sendiri ni)
Another 2 days in Forensic Medicine before the exam. I learned lots of new info that i've never known before. Something new, something different. Weapon used to kill, poison used when usually the victims are politician, secrets and techniques to do crimes without leaving the alibi.
Wouldn't it be interesting?..


  1. salam..

    cik fez, cpt x kte komen..hihi..menarik2, kalu kte, kte jwb acid jugak kot..kalu bg alkali, mcm kurang umphh je utk commit suicide..apekah? hihi..tp kalu long term nya cra, mungkin konsep milo-thorax bole dipraktikkan..haha~ wouldn't it be interesting?

    p/s: komen ditulis setelah puas merepek bersama di ym..=D

  2. haha.. cepatnya cikodah meninggalkan jejak.
    ok milo masuk ikut trachea untuk sampai ke bronchus dan menghasilkan milo-thorax ok. (ajaran sesat mana ni..)

    Ramai orang tertipu dengan kehebatan acid sebab dalam drama selalu orang simbah acid. Kononnya yang paling power la tu. In fact alkali lagi bahaya.

    P/s : Meneguk milo biar masuk ke esophagus.

  3. "....poison used when usually the victims are politician,...."


  4. kher,
    kenapa 'erk'?
    The common one is 'arsenic'. world-wide orang guna ni. bukan setakat di msia je. :p

  5. "If somebody who wants to commit suicide need your suggestion, between acid and alkali, which one would you suggest?"

    "...which one you suggest..?"


    i guess, asking him/her for a cup of fine tea/coffee, having some nice chat and so on should be the first thing that comes to mind.

  6. sempliciotto,
    Wah, just act like tender, love and care, right?..