Saturday, March 14, 2009

Men from Mars, Women from Venus : Brain Studies

I went to the 'I'jaz Al-Quran' Seminar today. The topics were very interesting that drag me enthuasiastically for some further research about it. So let us share some infos here..

Many studies have been conducted to prove that male and female have different brain, with different way of thinking.

Study by Dr. Shaywitz, neurologist at Yale medical school. They watch brains in action as 19 men and 19 women read nonsense words and determined whether they rhymed.

(Feb. 16 issue of Nature), reported that the subjects did equally well at the task, but the men and women used different areas of their brains. The men used just a small area on the left side of the brain, next to Broca's area, which is near the temple. Broca's area has long been thought to be associated with speech. The women used this area as well as an area on the right side of the brain. This was the first clear evidence that men and women can use their brains differently while they are thinking.
** Women are using the Broca's Area (Area that controlled speech) much more than men. No wonder they love to talk, chat and gossips!

Study by Dr. Ruben C. Gur, they look at the metabolic activity of the brains of 37 young men and 24 young women when they were at rest, not consciously thinking of anything.

(Jan. 27, journal Science), the investigators found that for the most part, the brains of men and women at rest were indistinguishable from each other. But there was one difference, found in a brain structure called the limbic system that regulates emotions. Men, on average, had higher brain activity in the more ancient and primitive regions of the limbic system, the parts that are more involved with action. Women, on average, had more activity in the newer and more complex parts of the limbic system, which are involved in symbolic actions.
* For eg: when man got angry, they tend to kick, punch or damage things (action). But women tend to cry emotionally. T_T..hmm..really, women always play with emotion. And they are more soft than men. yea, it suits the role as a mom.

Most recently, Dr. Witelson discovered, by painstakingly counting brain cells, that although men have larger brains than women, women have about 11 percent more neurons. These extra nerve cells are densely packed in two of the six layers of the cerebral cortex, the outer shell of the brain, in areas at the level of the temple, behind the eye. These are regions used for understanding language and for recognizing melodies and the tones in speech.
*Men less likely to understand what people try to convey?? (cakap lain, faham lain la ni..)

Going along with the studies of brain anatomy and activity are a large body of psychological studies showing that men and women have different mental abilities. Psychologists have consistently shown that men, on average, are slightly better than women at spatial tasks, like visualizing figures rotated in three dimensions, and women, on average, are slightly better at verbal tasks.
*Men best at mathematics...

Dr. Gur and his colleagues recently looked at how well men and women can distinguish emotions on someone else's face.

Both men and women were equally adept at noticing when someone else was happy. And women had no trouble telling if a man or a woman was sad. But men were different. They were as sensitive as women in deciding if a man's face was sad -- giving correct responses 90 percent of the time. But they were correct about 70 percent of the time in deciding if women were sad; the women were correct 90 percent of the time.
**A woman's face had to be 'relly sad' for men to see it. The subtle expressions went right by them. (Penat la buat muka sedih to let them understand kalau camtu :p)

Actually all of us are created to suit our own role. Men and women should be complementary.

What a wonderful and various creature... Subhanallah.

That's all for now. To be continued, insyallah...


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