Wednesday, March 4, 2009

She is obese...

An 8 years old young girl, came to the clinic accompanied by her father complaining of snoring during sleeping and nasal obstruction.

"Of course she has snoring. Look at her. She is obese."

"How much does her weight?"


"You have to control her diet."

"Wallah doctor, she drinks pepsiyat everyday, she took wajbah during breakfast. I gave her money before going to school then during recess, she bought lots of chips. When she came home, she feel happy to eat again with us during dinner."
*Pepsiyat = Pepsi
*Wajbah = Heavy @ Big meal


Some parents think that when their children are fat, they are actually happy, and healthy. In fact, they are not. In other way around, they didn't care much about the fact hidden behind their obese children..

The following are some facts about.. "How do kids become obese or overweight?"

Like most chronic health problems, obesity is caused by complex interactions between genes, environment and behavior/habits.

Many studies have shown that there is not a big difference in the amount of food eaten and physical activity between obese and non-obese kids. Probably small differences in eating and activity over time really add up and lead to weight gain. Obese children do tend to eat larger portions or higher calorie foods, like high-fat foods.
1. Physical activity and inactivity
Physical activity and inactivity are very important factors. Many studies have shown that kids who spend more time watching television and playing video games are at higher risk of becoming overweight. One in three high school youth do not engage in vigorous physical activity. Less than 30% attend daily gym class. Sprawling development that discourages physical activity and makes walking and biking difficult or dangerous is also a factor.
**Spend time riding a bicycle, or jogging with your children, every weekend at least!

2. Family factor.
Kids in families with obese parents tend to be obese themselves. If one parent is obese or overweight, their teen has an 80% chance of being overweight. This is probably because of a combination of genetics and family behavior and habits. Children of moms who have diabetes are more likely to be overweight.
**It's you first. Control your body weight!

3. Medical Problem
Very rarely, obesity is caused by an underlying medical condition. Illnesses that can cause obesity include endocrine problems and some genetic syndromes. Your doctor will probably be able to rule out an underlying medical problem by a physical exam and by taking your child’s medical history. Sometimes lab tests are needed.

4. Others
Some studies indicate that environmental chemicals may play a role. Researchers hypothesize that in utero or newborn exposures to chemicals such as endocrine disruptors (for example xenoestrogen bisphenol A—which is in food and drink containers) may damage the body’s weight-control mechanisms and lead to obesity.

Pay attention to snacks. They count! Lots of snacking leads to a higher calorie intake, and many typical snack foods are not very nutritious. Keep healthy snacks on hand, like fruit and cut up veggies. Allow your child easy access to them.
**'Once in a blue moon' snacks could be allowed. Avoid fast-food.
**Mommy-doctors - Do they have enough time to cook and provide well-nutritious meal for the children? Anyway, instead of taking care other's health, make sure your family members always be in a constitutionally healthy condition.


  1. obesity in children...alamak..blh masuk long case exam ni

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  2. kak study. klu masuk boleh belanja saya. :p

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