Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little notes...

The Neurology exam will be on this Saturday. However I got common-cold and little infection of the tonsil. I think the viruses are now spreading everywhere since everybody has been complaining of the same health problem at the moment.

So especially for juniors who have been asking me for advices regarding their health problem, here are some advices..

As easy as ABC, drink lots of water, simply it cleans your body from toxin and also stabilize your body temperature. Avoid yourself being at crowd.

Go to the clinic if you feel uncomfortable with the symptoms ie; runny nose or cough. Usually you will be prescribed by Loratadine (anti-histamine) for the runny nose, mucolytic for cough or antibiotics for any bacterial infection suspected. For viral infection, it is usually symptomatic treatment (depends on the symptoms that you have) unless the doctor afraid of super-infection or co-infection by bacteria so that antibiotic is also given. However, it is better for you to see the doctor than only asking medication from pharmacy. Feel free to ask the seniors for any medical advice, ok! ^_^

Since Odah is now already at Penang Medical College, we rarely got time to chat together. 6 hours time-difference (Jordan-Malaysia) creates a little difficulty for us as compared with before she left Dublin (only 2 hours difference). She is also busy coping with her new clinical life as well. Wish her very best of luck in everything she is doing. Anyway, news should always be updated and drive your Kancil carefully ok..

'Selamat mengundi' for all JUST's students as today is the election day at our university.
A campaign for Malaysian students.


  1. Salam Faezza!
    Get well soon! Syafakillah~
    And All the best for Neurology exam!
    Take care! ^_^

  2. telan la oren masam yg ko beli tu mnyak2..
    ak ingt ak dh habis dh mkn oren tu..bgun pg..tgk atas meja...
    alamak,tk habes lagi ke ak makan..heeee..
    lepas je subuh,ak buang kulit dia..nganga mulut besar2,masuk skali je...pejam mata..and feel the sourness...

  3. Syahidah,
    Terima kasih mendoakan.. u too, take care!

    Sebiji je yang masam (yg ko makan.haha). Yang lain sume masam-masam manis la.
    Memandangkan kita ngan hety sedang dalam period of illness, maka ko pun sila berjaga2. mana tahu entah2 tgh incubation period. (haha.. jahatnya.)

  4. Salam..

    faezaaaaaaaaaa (rasa nk jerit smpai ke jordan ni..huhu~)..laa, x sht eh..syafakillah ya ukhti..wah, terharu ada stu perenggan khas utk kte..hehe..xpe2, biarpun 6 jam terpisah dek lautan dan benua..jauh di mata tp dkt di hati..ekeke..nway, all d best 4 ur exam~

    p/s: insya-Allah akan ada internet sndiri mulai esk..penat dh tumpang internet jiran..hehe~

  5. odah,
    alhamdulillah dh habis exam. dekat di hati yeah.. haha.. always..