Friday, May 22, 2009

It's so hot...

2009's Summer has start and it has been becoming so hot nowadays. The mosquitoes start flying around the room. You need fan to be more comfortable and make your room windy. You always stucked in front of the closet thinking over which clothes should you wear which will not overheat your body. (Btw aurat is aurat. The hotter you feel the summer here, the more hot hotter over there - in the hellfire. Naudzubillah). Subuh prayer time at 4, while Isyak at 9. Uffhhh...That were all the signs and symptoms of summer.

This year if I am not mistaken, Ramadhan also will be in summer which i think people need to be lil' tougher and 'mujahadah' is needed more. If you wish to perform qiam, you need to wake up as early as 2 am which only about 3-4 hours after you finished the tarawih. Ain't right? Hmm, this is really challenging guys. Yet, if you able to do it, you'll be an excellent muslim. Sound's good, huh..:) Alhamdulillah.

Once I found this proverb, regarding the summer which goes 'One swallow doesn't make a summer'. Means : Because one good thing has happened, it is not therefore certain that a situation is going to improve.

One more thing to take into account - the idea of using sunglasses under the sun. It's not about the fashion or what. Think more about your eyes. Exposing your eyes to the sun means that exposing them to the UV-rays and free radicals too. Those stuffs will risk your eyes to have some eye problems. (Pterygium, cataract : Increased incidence by exposing the eyes to free radicals from sun-rays). The same goes to the sun-block. It's not about the idea of preventing your skin from becoming burny black only, but the most important is sun-rays enriched with free radical may increase an incidence of having skin cancer. So, don't miss them before you go out. Prevention is better than cure, guys!

Nothin' to jot about actually, only just a quick glance and 'santai' by thinking of the present and future days of summer in Jordan which sometimes I feel extremely hard to tolerate to.

On reviewing the final exams, we finished 3 papers so far (Family Med, Neuro and Ophtal). Another 8 subjects remain. I can feel my cerebrum was stucked with the final's material. The O&G paper (9 credit hours) is coming on next. All the best guys!

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