Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where my hope lies...

I wish, I pray, I dream...

One day, I could be like her...

or him...

Obstetrics is the medical specialty focusing on the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth. Obstetrics is usually practiced in conjunction with gynecology, which is the medical specialty focusing on disorders or diseases of the female reproductive system.

Pros and Cons of This Profession:

When asked what they enjoy about practicing obstetrics and gynecology, physicians often tell me they really enjoy bringing new life into the world. One physician told me that she fell in love with obstetrics after witnessing and assisting in her first delivery, early in her career. She said that being the first human to hold another human in her own hands was an amazing feeling.

The flip side of that however, is the often rigorous call schedule that can take you away from your family time or personal pursuits. Another downside is the high liability that comes with delivering babies.If anything goes wrong during labor and delivery, it can be devastating, and the lives of the baby and the mother can be jeopardized. This liability results in higher malpractice insurance costs for many ob/gyn physicians, even those physicians who have a relatively clean practice record.


Let me bring you a story, why did this 'mama-doctor' choosed to be an Obs&Gynecologist.. Have a read!

Lately, for me, all you have been hearing is bitch, bitch, bitch about how this or that sucks big hairy ones (can't wait to get the misguided google searches on that one). So why, you collectively ask me, either outright or in your minds, do you put up with all that you do? Why not quit and become a garbage collector or something? This list, my friends and frenemies, is why:

~ Bringing babies into the world is, quite simply, awe-inspiring. I love it. It is so special and intimate, that moment when a family is born (and re-born), and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

~ I love helping women. Women are way too busy taking care of every one else to worry about taking care of themselves. It is good to have 15-20 minutes to sit and listen to women, and make suggestions on how they can better care for their own needs.

~ I like to *fix* things. I am, at heart, a fixer. I want to change things for the better, and being an Ob/Gyn allows me to do this more often than not. I find this infinitely satisfying when I can make things better through surgery or medical treatment.

~ I enjoy the continuity of care that being an Ob/Gyn affords. I love being able to deliver multiple babies for the same patient, and then be able to take care of their Gyn needs once childbearing is over. I like the lasting relationships the field can foster.

~ I like to do Gyn surgery. General surgery, to me, was overwhelming, but Gyn surgery affords me the ability to do a variety of cases in a limited area of the anatomy. The perfectionist in me enjoys the focus on one organ system, but there is always good enough variety to keep it interesting.

~ Procedures are fun. Not just surgeries, but colposcopies, LEEPs, IUD insertions, polyp removals, and endometrial biopsies are all very enjoyable, and the results are often immediately evident. Highly satisfactory.

~ There is a limited amount of pharmacology. For me, it is pretty much antibiotics, hormone replacement or suppression, birth control, anti-inflammatory meds, the occasional hypertension or diabetes med, and some anti-depressants. I loathe polypharmacy, so I enjoy the clean and simple pharmaceutical profiles that Ob/Gyn provides.

~ The patients. That's right, for all that they do to drive me crazy, it's the patients that keep me coming back for more. Be it the infertile woman that I helped to conceive, or the anemic, miserable woman whose ills were cured by a simple procedure or surgery, or even the chronic pain patient who got the correct diagnosis, treatment, and subsequent improved quality of life. I do this for the patients, plain and simple.

~ At the end of an exhausting day, I feel that I am making a difference and an impact for good in people's lives. That fact makes the unbearable actually bearable.So, look, I love my job. I love it. For all of my whining, I wouldn't do anything else. I hope this answers the questions out there.

Thank you for listening.
~Dr Whoo (

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  1. saya aka diehardfanOnG sejak dulu...ttbe saye rase cuak r kak faeza nak stat posting OnG bulandepan....uuuuuuuu
    ttbe jadi rambang mate lepas dah rase macam2 specialist minor yg berderet2..hek3..

    tp wait n see..xtaula kalo da masok OnG saye setia kat OnG blk..
    nnti kite jmpe la ek???akk lg bape mgu OnG...ngeh3

  2. Haha, akk dah agak dah, mesti awak akak komen entri ni.. Bagusla DHF O&G ni. Kalau dah minat inshallah xde masalah.
    Akak lepas habis banyak rotation minor, takde pula yang akak minat. Dulu minat derma, lepas rotation terus jadi kurang minat. So akak pilih o&g balik lah. Lagipun senang kot, kerja ngan org perempuan je. Macam tak segan. Hehe.. Takde patient nak gatal-gatal nye.. :p
    Akk lagi 4 minggu O&G.. Sempat kot jumpa..

  3. ini kes minat dimatikan oleh kelas derma yg menggerunkah??

    bagus la jadi O&G..
    toksah laki buat kerja2 sakit puan..

    o&g satu la ak rasa..
    dia banyak bagi kebahagiaan kt org..

    tahniah..awak mengandung 2 bulan..

    kalo amik int med..asik bgtau..
    salur jantung awak tersumbat.
    ginjal awak ada kegagalan berfungsi..

    hesh..sdh bkenan..apa mau buat..^__^

  4. hehe..aku tetap rasa phychiatric lagi best ngeh2..ape2 pun aku doakan cite2 ko n asma' tercapai..kilah plak, nak jd macam doc ape ntah nama dia tu aku lupa plak, InsyaAllah satu hari nnt impian ko tercapai, mana tahu bleh sebaris dengan doc kow ^_^

  5. Kilah nak jadi macam mahmoud ayesh laa..
    Haha, byk bagi kebahagiaan kat orang..
    Banyak juga reveal kesedihan..
    "Sorry to say, we couldnt find heart beat of your little baby.."
    "Sorry, during the laparotomy we found a massive adhesion adnexally (wah medical term guna kat patient.hehe). So ur chance to get pregnant is little bit difficult.."

    Contohnya lah.. Huhu, kan sedih tu..

  6. Maut,
    Psychiatry... hehe.. Not in my list, but urs..
    Kerja yang murni walaubagaimanapun. Takpelah, fardhu kifayah tu. Kalau takde psychiatrist kan dah semua orang jadi berdosa..
    Semoga ko berjaya jadi psychiatrist terbaik!!

  7. kak maut...kui3

    saye sampai skang tetap rase tak patot ade specialist psychiatry..hahaha ..buang mase jek..
    sbb sgale problem tuh xyah la buang mase bg ubat2 tuh...sume nye kena berbalik pada Allah,kuatkan pegangan iman,kuatkan ruhi,spiritual,bykkan solat,bace quran.

    jmpe org depressed hari2 ..uuuuu..silap2 diri sndrik depresse...baeklah kembali pada Allah dari soh die mkn ubat2 tuh....

  8. Kak yellowrose, (haha, balas balik)

    Ilmu itu luas..Macam mana Allah mengadakan ilmu O&G, macm tu jugalah Allah mengadakan ilmu psikitri dan orang2 ulama di dalamnya..

    Sebagaimana kte tahu thrombophilia disebabkan oleh deficinecy of factor v leiden, mcm tu juga schizophernia disebabkan increase dopamine activity in the brain which approved scientifically... (hehe, kait x)

    Betul juga sebahagian masalah psikiatri ada kaitan dengan roh yang rosak dan jauh dari Allah, dan sebahagiannya yang lain pula? Itu lah peranan obat-obatan dari Dr psikiatri itu. Zaman sekarang, kebanyakan psikiatrist tahu prescribe ubat je. Buat duit.

    Sudahlah pesakit tu dependent, sedikit pun tiada nasihat ruhiyah dari doktor.. Itu yang salah dan membuatkan orang ramai memandang serong pada kerjaya psikiatrist ni.. Inshallah Dr Maut bakal menjadi agen perubah..:)

    Hehe boleh jadi satu entri ni..:)

  9. boleh2 ade org specialist xyah melalui medic..tros jek khusus psychiatry dan blaja ubat2nye skalik...hahaha
    [nih sebab tak sanggup nak rotation psychiatry nnti]mcm takleh trime la..
    kak faeza nmpknye touching disini.rilek2..kui2.
    -dari adik yellowrose yg baru berusia 22 tahun =p

  10. Haha, akak relaks je... Tiba-tiba jadi 'touching' sbb tadi chat ngan kawan lama yang thiqah.. hehe.. terus tempias masuk blog..hihihi..

  11. izinkan saya untuk tidak setuju psychiatry diasingkan melalui medic. walhal, saya ada connection dengan medic. takpe, test dulu ambil cik asma.

    psychiatry bukan setakat mslh dalaman hanya berbalik kepada Allah.

    kalau macam tu baik kata patient ada CVD berbalik kamu kepada Allah. hanya Allah tempat kembali.

    maaf dengan tutur kata saya. tapi, saya kira memang patut psychiatry berada dibawah medic. saya nampak psychiatry salah satu bidang saya nak specialist.